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Kathleen Jewell - Owner, The Color Coach Orange County
Kathleen Jewell - Owner
The Color Coach Orange County

Kathleen Jewell, the new owner of The Color Coach Orange County, is a fine artist & muralist with the ability to see true color undertones and a gift for “seeing” the end result of paint color selection. Her purchase of this paint color selection and coordination service comes after working with former owner and founder, Paula DeMars, for over ten years.

She started painting on walls at 5 years old, and even then, experimenting & mixing colors it was her favorite thing to do… she was a natural. Now, after over 25 years of experience working with top interior designers, architects, landscapers, building & painting contractors in all facets of the trade, Kathleen has a profound understanding how the design elements work together. This knowledge, coupled with her creative side, gives her the unique ability to transform any project into a beautiful reflection of its owner.

Her creations have been Published/Pictured in Orange County Register, LA Times, Daily Pilot, Orange County & Pasadena House of Design, Traditional Homes, Coast Living, Coastal Living, Coastal Home, House Beautiful, Better Homes & Gardens Special Publications, Better Homes & Gardens Bedroom & Bath, and Las Vegas Home, Kitchen Remodel, Design Trends & others.

“Sometimes color… is the only thing that’s missing”

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