Commercial Interior Paint Color Selection

Selecting commercial interior paint colors is so important for your business because paint colors are an effective way to control the work or retail space environment. Color choice can act as the foundation for the space and can set the tone and the mood for business. Whether you want to create an energetic environment for a tech startup, a soothing environment of a medical office or are trying to choose the right color to positively impact your store’s sales, the psychology of color can be used to affect the human psyche.

So how does The Color Coach select commercial interior paint colors? We use a proven method of choosing paint colors. By listening to your space concept, we tell your story through development of a theme color. Whether you are a real estate developer or own your building, let The Color Coach Orange County show you how a professional paint color selection will improve your project.

Commercial Interiors

Below is a representative sampling of our commercial interior paint color projects including retail locations, restaurants, fitness facilities, corporate offices and assisted living complexes.

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