The Color Coach Orange County Customer Reviews

The Color Coach Orange County Customer Reviews
The Color Coach Orange County Customer Reviews

The Color Coach Customer Reviews are a source of pride for us but also they are extremely important for you because it is what our customers say about us! We have worked with homeowners, designers, contractors, and professional small business owners. Our work is referred by painters, paint stores and manufacturers, flooring distributors, contractors, interior designers, realtors, decorators and a network of satisfied clients.

Customer Referrals or Repeat Customers Are 65% of Our Business!

“My interior (was) painted last month and the color you chose was amazing! I said I would have never picked it but so glad you did. It goes with all of my furnishings perfectly. Compliments, emphasizes and pulled everything together for me. I’m so happy with it. Trims were just right as well as the color in the bathroom.”
Melody S.
“We are so happy with all the paint colors you selected for the house. Just this morning my husband Roger again mentioned how much he liked his office. You have breathed new life into this old house. I’ve already received a wonderful compliment from the welder who made a countertop for the kitchen island. ”
Liz H.
Huntington Beach
“Thank you for your help and painter recommendation. While we were nervous about the color choice, we are beyond thrilled with our 'new' house that has come alive in this neighborhood of beige! We were initially skeptics but you have shown us what happens when you leave it to professionals!”
Patrick A.
Costa Mesa
“I am so grateful to you for your help. I was the sinking titanic in terms of coordinating my project … and you BEAUTIFULLY put it all together. I'm very appreciative of your excellent ability to interact with the other vendors with said communication leading to a great composite outcome.”
Doug W.
Newport Beach

“It was such a pleasure working with you today. You helped us create a beautiful home 10 years ago and our new one will be another dream home thanks to your expertise!” Lacey G., Aliso Viejo

“Getting the painting done has inspired me to try to put up more art and/or get rid of old or unneeded furniture. I truly fell back in love with my house again! Thank you again, Paula, for advising me on colors and coordinating the way they flow together.” Elaine S., Chino

“From the minute you walked in the door you were constantly observing and listening so that you could help to make our home a reflection of us by giving it color that represented us and our life style. Never were you judgmental but just committed to creating a color palette that was pleasing and cohesive to the home. When I saw the paint samples all spread out before me, I knew those colors said “Me” all over them. They created a comfortableness that I had been looking for but unable to put together. Thank you so much for pulling it all together for us and making me feel like I had just had a good friend in my home.” Marilyn S., Irvine

“Paula came to our home, she used the architectural highlights of my home and the community to make color palette recommendations. Once we chose, she completed the HOA forms for us, and she referred the eventual painter we used.” Jerry C., Tustin

“Our house is finished being painted and I really love the way it came out. The colors are very subtle and blend with the existing furniture, carpeting and accessories. Thank you!!! I would be happy to recommend you to anyone as I already have!!” Marlene B., Mission Viejo

“Well our paint job is almost done. We love the powder room. Pictures do not do it justice. I re-framed and re-matted the picture over the toilet and it is great. The kitchen is terrific with the new paint. Even the columns in the dining room are so improved. Thank you for all your wonderful color ideas.” Eileen R., Aliso Viejo

“You were here on a Friday, the painters came the following Tuesday and Wednesday, and WOW! What a difference! It is sooooooo much better. My laundry and kitchen–hitherto boring and white–now not only look great but relate to the rest of the house. The red accent wall in the den is a knock-out. The olive in the living room is so perfect. And the overall sort of deeper wheat in the dining and hall ties it all together! Paula, you did a terrific job and I thank you!” Christine F., Placentia

“Well, the colors finally arrived. Bob and I looked at them and were exceptionally pleased. I think Bob was actually mesmerized. He compared the grey you chose against the samples I gave you. He was shocked how different the color grey could look. You did an incredible job. I think Bob was a little skeptical of me hiring a “Color Coach.” Once he saw the results, he realized how valuable your services were. Of course, I have to say the same about the colors you chose for the Interior and Exterior of my house. There is no doubt, your services are largely to credit as my Coto house heads for a successful closing. I consider you one of my “key” resources. This gives me the comfort of knowing I will always have the best end result when I engage in a new project.” Jim W., Irvine

“We used Kathleen’s services when we first moved into our new home. In the beginning, I was hesitant about trying new colors for the walls but I took Kathleen’s advise and tried different bold colors and they look fantastic! Two years later, I am still showing new friends about my house. One of my boys loves red and Kathleen recommended to use red ceiling. It turned out to be great. We also took Kathleen’s advise to use different sofa layout versus traditional loveseat/sofa approach. It also worked out. !” Annie C., Irvine

“I would like to thank you, profusely, for solving my kitchen dilemma. For the small cost of some paint and labor we have an updated look and I can walk into the room without thinking “maybe a little more gray, etc.”! The best part is I didn’t waste money re-finishing cabinets, an expensive process I was planning. The paint color and your decorating tips pulled everything together. Will look forward to working with you again and referring you to my clients.” Patricia L., Orange County

“The house looks SO good! I’ve had some ladies over here and they are DROOLING over the colors. I think the stain made the biggest impact, but every color is perfect! Thank you again!!!” Jill S., San Juan Capistrano

“Thank you again Paula for helping us select the PERFECT color for our dining room. The painting is completed and it looks amazing!” Jeannie B., Orange County

“Kathleen Jewell is wonderful! I hired her for advice on exterior paint, but she did far more than help me pick colors. She drove the neighborhood with me for over an hour while I pointed out homes I liked and she connected the dots. I learned that my preference wasn’t all about the shade. Sometimes, a home’s appeal comes from trees, shrubs, accents, location and style. After a thorough evaluation of my likes and dislikes, she suggested a color combination that she thought would achieve my goal. We selected a shade on the spot from dozens of options and the home is completely transformed! As we discussed the look and feel that I was going for, she made several off-the-cuff suggestions about accents and landscape — most of which I have since implemented. Together, they turned a dated, 1980’s looking ranch home into the beautiful, welcoming, cottage-style house of my dreams!” Caroline C., Orange, CA

”Thank you Paula for your great help in choosing the colors for the entire home. Your color schemes were as always just perfect. The house looks entirely different, fresh and just exactly what we wanted. Since you did the outside of our home a couple of years ago we have noticed three or four houses with the same colors around our neighborhood. We feel this is a testament to your great color scheme and believe that this is definitely a case of “imitation is the greatest form of flattery”. Thanking you once again until the next time.” Marguerite S., Dove Canyon

“We love, love, love [the colors] and my husband couldn’t be happier with his office… thank you so much! We’re almost done painting and are loving our final product!” Collen O., Trabuco Canyon

“I am totally in love with my colors. You have no idea what kind of a rush and warm feeling I get when I walk into our home in La Quinta. It’s all I can do to make myself leave when it’s time to come back to OC. I wander from room to room, looking and loving and marveling at the combinations and visual effects. I had no idea that colors could so affect one’s mood. Thank you, thank you for your talented assistance.!” Penny M., Irvine

“You really have to see the house in the changing light as the day progresses to fully appreciate the colors. It is just fantastic. We are both thrilled with how it turned out. Absolutely perfect. Thanks for a job well done!” Mike and Penny H., Huntington Beach

“I was so pleased with my visit with Kathleen where we chose paint colors For the entire house, inside and out. I had no idea how much work she put into this until I saw her in action. No detail escapes her notice. She determined what feeling I wanted in each room, then asked questions to learn how I felt about the different colors in my decor as we went, room by room, evaluating light and other circumstances until Kathleen picked out several colors to have me consider and, if I liked one or more, select a shade and tone I liked most. She guided me but never stopped listening and responding to my thoughts or even my slight expressions. My family room has many considerations with an alcove and bench, an old painted fireplace, raised hearth and mantel, exposed painted beams, and more it was a huge job to select paints to give interest without looking too busy and still bring it all together. I could never have done it without her help. After we had conquered each room (and the exterior), Kathleen wrote up directions for my painters for each room specifying every detail of color, finish, and exact location. She also wrote this on the walls so no mistake could be made and left me with swatches of every color. My color choices have never been so bold and yet I’ve never felt so confident. Kathleen’s skill and instinct with color is something to marvel at. What fun, thanks Kathleen!” Donna M., Mission Viejo

“It’s been since last October that we worked with the new color scheme for [our association] but I wanted to let you know that the homeowners voted to use all three colors you recommended. I’ve heard a lot of comments from homeowners about how updated the homes look and they are pleased with a three color scheme. Thanks for your recommendations and good work; we used all your suggestions on the trim colors and they work well with our architecture. Thanks again for your expertise in color selection.” Dan C., Anaheim Hills

“We’re so happy with the colors in our new home. What a difference you made and the new look is so appealing. It is amazing. Thank you for perfect color recommendations. I appreciate your professionalism.”“My renovation project is complete, the ceilings look fantastic and the colors you helped me choose are great! I am very satisfied. I could not have done the color selection myself. I am convinced I have made no expensive mistakes. Whenever you are in the neighborhood, please stop by. The 2 accent walls are perfect! Thank you for the referrals, the painters just left a few minutes ago and everything looks beautiful; they are the best!” Liz C., Corona Del Mar

“Hi Paula, wanted to follow up with you after the painting was completed – it looks great!!! We love every color you chose and everything you said about how the colors would come together was true.” Patricia H., Irvine

“Just want you to know that my renovation project is complete. The ceilings look fantastic. The colors you helped me choose are great! I am very satisfied. I could not have done the color selection myself. I am convinced I have made no expensive mistakes. The 2 accent walls are perfect!.” Liz C., Ladera Ranch

“My house is so beautiful! You are a hero to my neighbors by updating my orange house to a contemporary look.” Julie G., Anaheim

“Just a quick (note) to let you know how marvelous our home looks now… everyone loves your suggestions and our home looks amazing. Thank you for your help.” Mikki B., Anaheim Hills

“Pulling together fabrics, furniture, and window treatments is what I do best, but when it comes to picking our clients paint colors, I bring in The Color Coach. They are professional, fast, and flawless.”

“Brandon and his team finished the interior of the house on Wednesday. They did a fantastic job. I would definitely hire them again. Thanks for the recommendation! More importantly, I love the colors. I am absolutely delighted with everything… We both consider it money well spent! Thank you so much for helping us choose the perfect colors! We couldn’t have done it without you!” Pat W. Yorba Linda

“The final color is absolutely perfect. It keeps its color no matter what light it’s in (day or artificial at night), it goes with the tone of the other colors in the house, and it’s very comfortable to work in. Once again, thank you for being instrumental in the transformation of my home. Best of everything and I will sing your praises whenever I can.” Linda C. Huntington Beach

“Just wanted to let you know we sold the house after you helped us choose the paint and the feedback was amazing. I had Realtors calling me after showings and I let them know your number. I honestly believe it sold so quick because the paint was amazing. Excellent work, we loved the final result, no way I could have even come close on my own.” Randy M., Aliso Viejo

“We are writing to tell you how happy we are with the color selections you made for us. At first we thought the cost was high but we knew we needed help and now believe it would have been ‘cheap at twice the price’. You took the time to listen to us, and you came up with just the right combination of colors. We never could have done this on our own… Thank You!” Don R., Corona

“Pulling together fabrics, furniture, and window treatments is what I do best, but when it comes to picking our clients paint colors, I bring in The Color Coach. They are professional, fast, and flawless.”

“We tried so many times to come up with the look that we wanted for our home, and all we did was waste time and money by buying quarts of paint and putting stripes on the wall…only to be confused in the end. I wish we would have called you first. Thank you for your help.”

“We are so happy with all the colors you helped us select. Every room is so pleasing for us and we will recommend you highly.”

“I know the painter would recommend you because he loved the colors just as much as we do.”

“Love our new house. Thank you for your expertise; you saved us so much time and money.”

“We moved into our new home last week and wanted you to know that we absolutely love the color schemes you chose for the interior and exterior of the house. Tom and I couldn’t be happier with the service you gave us, the colors you chose, and how you put it all together.”

“You were out to see us in August and I wanted to let you know that we just had the house painted and the colors are gorgeous!! We absolutely love how everything turned out!! The color scheme is exactly what I envisioned and everything matches perfectly. I am so glad you helped us since it was so agonizing trying to “experiment” on my own. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“Paula DeMars is a color wizard as well as a coach. I have used her services three times and have recommended her to family and friends. Paula is careful, knowledgeable, and creative and can make a mundane house come to life with the right colors. I wouldn’t paint without her advice.” Dr. H. Brown, Irvine

“Paula, if you are ever in my neck of the woods you should stop by. The house is stunning!” J. Warner, Huntington Beach”

“Paula, have been meaning to contact you and let you know that we finally painted the upstairs (bedrooms, office and master bath) with the colors and paints you recommended. We absolutely love the way the colors look! Thank you so much for helping us. We now have the “look” we were trying to achieve – warm and cozy.” Cynthia O., Newport Beach

“We were at a loss as to what paint colors to use in our freshly remodeled home. We have several rooms that blend together, but we wanted to differentiate the rooms with color – a real challenge. Both my husband and I are artistically inclined and we knew what colors we wanted, but to get the right shades was too big of a challenge, even for us. Time to call in the Color Coach! Paula came to us with expertise and a LOT of knowledge of color. She took our ideas and guided us to the decisions that made our home a showplace. The rooms compliment rather than compete with each other, so we don’t have a mish-mash of different colors. Our original choices were integrated into the color scheme with just the right shades for our tastes to shine through. We are thrilled with the results and have received nothing but compliments on our paint choices.” John and Lori W., Huntington Beach

“The house came out great! We love all the colors….our favorite is the griffin in the kitchen and the antiquarian brown in the loft. We were kinda nervous at first about that color, but it really makes the room, very sophisticated looking.” Heather F., Irvine

“We have been a few months overhauling our back yard and then the painting. They are just finishing the paint job and your preferred paint color combination is dynamite! We really like how it has come out.” Alan and Teri H., San Clemente, CA

“I was just thinking of you and thought you’d get a kick out of the wonderful work you (have done) on my house over the years (kitchen granite, the carpets and, of course, the paint colors are so pretty. It all paid off in the end because we listed the house and got my 1st offer on week 1, the second offer, which we accepted, happened on week 2. I will be calling you in about a month to consult on our new house for paint, carpets, etc.” Fawn G., Newport Beach, CA

“I want to thank you again for all of your beautiful ideas with color. Garry loved the choices we made!” Jennifer N., Newport Coast

“I recently posted our Living/Dining Room project on the Do It Yourself network website. Thanks again for a wonderful experience to work with you. We are enjoying our new space immensely with our family and friends.” Laura and Bob B., Fullerton

“Paula, The Color Coach, has a gift that truly is amazing! She saved us countless trips to the paint store and more importantly the anxiety of making the wrong choices for a very important decision. She is personable, speedy and a delight to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend her to all our friends.” Steve and Dawn B.

“I want to tell you, thank you. You are an awesome woman and you know your colors well. My house looks much warmer than it was. What a difference the right colors make! It looks marvelous.” Wayne G., Newport Beach

“Your (recommended) paint color combination is dynamite! We really like how it has come out.” Alan and Teri H., San Clemente

“I really enjoyed your friendship and professionalism. You made it easy and comfortable choosing colors for our home. My husband really liked the choices for our Master!!!” Carrie M., Newport Beach

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